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Re: Best tactician? Kirk,Picard, Sisko or Janeway?

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On the other hand, Sisko also lost his ship. Picard as well (Stargazer, E-D doesn't count, he wasn't aboard). Janeway and Archer arrived at the end of the series with the original ships, and Kirk only lost his because he had a crew of 5 and lost the automation. Points off for Sisko and Picard there.

Anyway, don't think you can make much of a judgement here, and you don't ever see them all in similar situations, other than in ship-vs-ship battles, and in those cases, they all seemed to do just fine, and were all decent. Worst of that group is probably Picard, as they mostly just sat and absorbed a few shots, then fired once...
Sisko lost his ship due to battle against superior forces. Picard "lost" Stargazer by abandoning it in deep space. He failed to self destruct his ship, thereby leaving it equipped with photon torpedoes and its computer intact for anyone to find and use. Enterprise-D was destroyed as a result of an attack by an obsolete bird of prey (even though the ship was fully staffed and equipped with the best Federation weapons). At least when Kirk self-destructed the Enterprise, he took out the Klignon crew and prevented Federation secrets and technology from falling into the wrong hands.
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