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Re: Kes V Seven of Nine

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Comparing Seven and Kes by referring to Seven as a "restart of what Kes was meant to be" is actually wrong because there is too much difference between the characters and their presumed roles in the stories.
They are the same in the aspect that we would be watching them grow up over the course of the series. Their origin and frame of mind is different but their theme remains the same.

You can disagree but an opinion or point of view can't be deemed wrong, please keep that in mind in the future.
There are more differences than similarities between the characters.

When it comes to Kes, we might call her development "growing up" since she was rather young when she came to Voyager. But in her case it's more about learning and exploring since Kes after all was the equivalent to a human 18-25 years old and therefore could be regarded as a grown-up. Besides that, she had had a rich and happy childhood.

When it comes to Seven, it's another story. She was abducted by the Borg as a young child and assimilated. In her case, it was more about someone with a ruined childhod who was trying to rebuild her life again.

The characters also had very different personalities. Therefore it would have been interesting to have both of them on the ship regarding their relationship to Janeway, The Doctor and the other crew members.
Kes' age mentally was hard to figure out, one mintue she was super mature and the next she was very nieve. It's one of the things that puts me off to the character. She gets excited over seeing a Nebula but acts like she's been onboard Voyager before. Neelix was more excited about being on the ship & it's new technology then she did.

Besides, it wasn't that Kes wanted to go to Earth, she just wanted to see what she never had before. She left everybody she knew on Ocampa for strangers. She considered leaving Voyager twice due to the offer of seeing something new. Remember her statement in "CareTaker": I'm too curious and it sometimes gets me into trouble." Regardless of how you feel or the point behind "The Gift", it's why she left then too, she wanted to explore what was happening too her because it was a new experance.
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