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Re: 2009 Oscar Nominations

I can't believe Revolutionary Road was totally shut out. Kate Winslet and Leonard DiCaprio were both phenomenal, and the adaptation was incredibly true to the book. I haven't seen The Reader yet, but I hope it's as strong a performance as her one in RR was. She really was great in that movie.

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What the hell is Milk or The Reader? Has any average film goer even heard of these films? I never thought The Dark Knight was brilliant but surley due to its succes at the box office and its good word of mouth it should of atleast got a nomination.
The Reader was actually based off a bestselling novel that was, IIRC, an Oprah book. So I'm not sure how wide the film's release is, but my guess is that there are many who are familiar with it and the novel it is based off of.

That being said, the Oscars tend to be elitist and highbrow, based off of what critics have liked and what movies the studios are pushing. Definitely not defending them on that account, or on the highly political way the awards are given out (like how Russell Crowe's meltdown at the BAFTA's cost him the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind or how Crash beat out Brokeback Mountain after something of a BBM backlash ).

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I probably won't be watching it this year.

Nothing much there to interest me.
This might actually be the first ceremony in years that I watch, in part because I've actually seen a few of the nominated films.
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