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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

hi I'm newish here - always knew there people out there (I do mean way out here!) who love Star Trek as much as I have for the last 30ush years. waering bi-focals now - no near-sighted pills yet! an adopted Korean-American I am intrigued by the Vulcan-Romulan issue and appreciate the extra insight so many talented authors have added to both cultures which face it - seem really cool. never met a Trek franchise I didn't like, the last couple movies barely worth $10 but hope springs eternal and of course will throw my money at the new one! would pound on the gates of hell to retrieve any of the Trek captains but J.T. Kirk - I would let him stew a little - I do like Janeway and Archer. always partial to the engineers like Torres and Scotty and Trip - enjoy the fact that Cardassians consider it a woman's job!
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