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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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To my recollection, the Intrepid class is a simple downsized Galaxy class.
Identical offensive/defensive systems with a slight advantage of size going to the Galaxy class because it can house much more torpedoes in comparison to an Intrepid and can obviously hold more crew-members.

I wouldn't be surprised if both end up as matched up in the end in terms of fire-power.

In Intrepid's defense (by having issues with a very old Klingon K-Tinga) I have to remind people that a galaxy class Enterprise-D (flagship no less) had serious issues battling a measly BOP (Generations anyone?) and eventually wound up destroyed.
Why do people keep forgetting to mention that the Enterprise's shields were essentially down for that battle? It's not like the Klingons overpowered her shields or knew where to shoot, they had an unwitting inside man! In fact, that was the only factor that really levelled the playing field; earlier in the movie, the sisters scoffed at the idea of taking on the Enterprise-D, citing that they were otherwise no match for a Galaxy-class starship.

Compare that to Voyager, whose shields were working during their encounter. Everytime the shields go down, for the E-D or Voyager or Defiant, that meant the ship was in serious, serious trouble.

Let's not pick and choose our facts, eh?

And again, this thread is about the Intrepid Vs. the Galaxy, not Voyager Vs. the Enterprise.
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