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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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The Kinshaya intrigued me - I shall have to see if I can get hold of a copy of The Final Reflection,which introduces them - hopefully, we’ll get to explore them a bit more in the coming novels.
The Kinshaya were only alluded to in The Final Reflection, not depicted or explored in any detail. ASD is the first novel that's ever portrayed them "onscreen" or established anything about their culture.

They also appear in a FASA role-playing game book that John M. Ford wrote, The Klingons, but their description there is incompatible with what's described in ASD. I found this description online:

The Kinshaya average 2 metres tall and mass about 200kg. They have no discernable head, and their sensory organs are set in the upper torso, between the massive armoured shoulders. They are bipedal, with two arms, from which hang thick folds of skin resembling wings or a heavy cloak. The legs are covered in overlapping bony plates. The shoulders have similar plates, from which project a number of spikes or horns. They are covered in short green/black fur. The “face” has two large round twin-lensed eyes, a flap-covered breathing orifice and a round mouth ringed with three rows of sharp teeth. A third sight organ is in back, and is capable of not much more than detecting motion and light or dark. The hearing organs are covered by skin. To a Human, they would resemble a huge bat (though no Human has ever seen one), and to Klingons they look much like demons of myth.
Keith's Kinshaya are quadrupeds with actual wings and large, expressive ears. I imagined something like griffins. They do have the spherical black ships mentioned in the gaming material, though.
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