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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x11: "Sometimes a Great Notion"

A rollercoaster ride. Points that stood out-

No flashback for Tori -and she was the only one to voluntarily go back to the base star. Hmmm..... could she be a plant by a faction from the past opposed to Tyrol/Tigh/Sanders faction?

The Starbuck corpse-how long was it there and if the wreckage showed burns how come the hair was un-fried?

In Tyrol's flashback-that was clearly an avocado. An Earth veggie.

They found Centurion armor in the wreckage where Tyrol had been nuked 2,000 years ago-but none were visible in his flashback-so what killed them? And WHEN were they killed?

Is Ellen the Fifth? Or is Tigh suffering mental delirium again?

When they were pawing around in the ruins, the burnt-out building in the near background was CLEARLY the Kobol Opera House-you could tell by the remains of the roof rotunda. It was the same as the picture in Pythia. Which came first?

Earth was nuked 2,000 years before-when was Kobol settled? When was it abandoned and why?

How could they tell the bones found were Cylon? Some kind of genetic marker? Baltar's "test" took a long time to process and seemed to be based on blood-so how did they know so fast?

There were numbered lock boxes similar to safe deposit boxes in Tigh's flashback, and he was obviously in a basement level-bank or train station? And are the numbers relevant?

Pythia's prophecy said Laura was s'posed to die without making it to the promised land. Last I checked, she's still alive so where are they going? Can't take too long because she doesn't have too much longer by all the hints given so far.....

Earlier, someone hinted at something about "All Along the Watchtower" - could the Four have a post-hypnotic suggestion that they actually planted themselves that the song was meant to trigger?
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