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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

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In a fairly spoiler filled article, Bendis explains Dark Avengers #1
I only read about half of it cause I may buy it and don't want to be totally spoiled.

I like this statement from Bendis.
Re: Villians as the Heroes
Brian Michael Bendis: Really, what the Dark Reign is about, and Dark Avengers in particular, is this idea that everyone is the hero of his own story. This is one of the mantras of recent modern fiction. Norman never sees himself as the villain. Everyone's got their own point of view.

I was riffing on this back in Goldfish. Every once in awhile I see someone refer to themselves in a comic book as a criminal, or "I'm the bad guy." They'll actually say, "I'm the bad guy." And I'm like, no one actually thinks they're a bad guy! You know? Even the sociopaths have a complete agenda. So I really wanted to explore that. Norman is the hero of his story, and everyone on his team is the hero of their story. Yes, they have vendettas, and absolutely, they want to stick it to the man and let everyone have it. But how they're doing it is through this idea of being the hero of their own story.
We've probably all heard an actor or two describe playing a villian and the villians we love are usually the ones where their prespective can be seen if not empathized with. Not sure if I can recall a time in the comics where outside of Kravens Last Hunt I've seen the bad guy try to identify with the counterpart by actually becoming him.
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