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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

not in battle, but Admiral Ross' ship, the USS Bellepheron, was an Intrepid and he and his crew did participate in multiple battles.
Naah. Ross was aboard the Bellerophon once, being ferried to a diplomatic meeting on Romulus. Doesn't mean it was "his" ship, or that he went aboard her ever again.

The gel packs are artificual nueral fibers that simulate how a brain functions, allowing quicker response time.
Or then not, as this wasn't told to us in any episode.

The Sovereign class also incorporates this technology.
Or then not, as this wasn't told to us in any movie.

Identical offensive/defensive systems
Or then not, as this wasn't told to us in any episode.

Are we to assume that all ships have identical systems unless otherwise told? Did the tiny Equinox have identical systems? She did have phaser strips and torpedo tubes, after all. What about the runabouts? Do they have Galaxy systems? They, too, have phaser strips and torpedo tubes.

Klingons aren't idiotic, and if anything, there is a possibility they would upgrade their old K-Tinga ship as time went on to keep up
Except that this wasn't possible in this particular case: the ship our VOY heroes met in "Prophecy" had been stranded in deep space for the better part of a century, much like the sleeper ship from TNG "The Emissary" that was easily dealt with by the E-D. Underway improvements would of course be possible, but I do wonder if the Klingons would have been capable of that sort of thing. That they survived the 80-year trip at all might be indicative of minimal contact with locals...

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