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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva has the most accurate strength indices of each ship class. His mathematics in figuring them out are the msot I have seen includign canon and backstage sources to find a medium.

In a level playing field one on one battle, Galaxy would wipe the floor with an Intrepid rather easily.

As for show specific examples, voyager got upgrades, it did have brog upgrades to shields prior to endgame I beleive, Seven of Nine insituted many upgrades to voyager using her Borginess and that crappy catsuit which amde her body look much better than it really was.

This discussion is not Voyager vs Enteprise D, its base Galaxy class vs base intrepid.

Galaxy class wins in virtually everything except speed, agility and computer power.

Agility will have little factor fighting against a galaxies 360 degree firing arc for its STRONGER phaser arrays, that and torpedoes can home in on moving targets.
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