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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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You guys from Israel could always buy a Sony Reader or a Kindle and not have to pay such outrageous postage fees and also get the books in a more timely manner in most cases. I personally prefer paper copies but if I lived in a place like you do I would do what I needed to.

Well, I prefer the dead-tree versions as well...

I think that my LCS does a great job in that regard:

1. While the cost of a Trek novel when ordered or bought in one of the main bookstore chains is approx. 15.5 USD, the cost through my LCS is approx. 11 USD (including all costs) so it's not THAT expensive...

2. The LCS guys know what a Trek fan I am, so they often order a Trek novel just for me (thy did it in the case of Mere Mortals, which Id missed in Previews...). If for some reason I don't want the book, they just put it on display (though in several years, there was only time I declined a Trek book )
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