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Re: Lost 5x01: "Because You Left" & 5x02: "The Lie"

Gave both episodes an above average. It took a little while to get going and I wasn't sure what to think of the time distortion idea. But then I remembered that this is Lost and it's all good.

A lot of good stuff throughout the episode and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I think Hurley Jorge Garcia did a great job with the confession scene. Cheech was great in this episode too.

Not to mention all of the returns...

-The return of Ana-Lucie: She was more likeable here than in Season 2. The reference to Libby was sad but a very nice touch.

-The return of Frogurt: Funny stuff. That guy's freaky looking.

-The return of Vincent! You can't forget about the dog now, can you? He's like the kiss of death for his owners though.

So good to have Lost back!
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