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Re: Lost 5x01: "Because You Left" & 5x02: "The Lie"

Excellent start to the season. I was slightly mellowed out on the show after the disappointing S4 finale, but the opening with Candle in the Dharma days explaining what the Arrow finally is completely geeked me out and I fell deeply in love with the show once more.

Because You Left: 3.5/4 The Lie: 3/4

The opening scene was the best. We get the true name of Candle, the purpose of the Arrow, the origin of the Orchid, Faraday time travelling to the past, all in a couple minutes. Wow.

At the end of last season I predicted that the characters would time travel to the Dharma era and run around with them. I WAS RIGHT!!! SCORE!

It was nice not to have character-centric storytelling anymore, though I'll be quite disappointed if we don't get flashback episodes for the freighter folk.

After the opening scene events proceeded as one could be expected for the most part. Until the final twist; that the time travelling lady is working with Ben! Woah! Obviously this is Faraday's mother. So is she the leader of the Others now? What is her connection to Jacob? Fascinating stuff.

The Weekend at Bernie's schtick with Sayid was pretty amusing.
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