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Re: Launching the Phoenix

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
How is this not a flaw with inertial dampening and impulse engines as well?
23rd century Starfleet impulse engines are strictly Newtonian rockets, whether they be fusion (TOS) or M/AM (TMP) energized. As for inertial compensation during high-g maneuvers, I would assume that is a parallel function of whatever mechanism generates the space vehicle's artificial gravity field.

Jimmy_C wrote: View Post
(1) The inertially damped zone probably didn't extend around the entire rocket - just the upper stage.

A serviceable rationalization as any, I suppose.

(2) The rocket could have been a nuclear heated rocket - maybe siphoning some antimatter from the warp core for a boost.
But from where could have Cochrane sourced the astronomical (by today's standards) quantities of anti-matter he required for the project if such is the case? That shantytown where he was building the Phoenix didn't exactly strike me as a place which would be equipped with its own dedicated Fermilab-like particle collider.

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