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However, that meant that Kes was kept in the background in many episodes but when she was given a place under the spotlight, we could actually see that the character had a lot of quality. The same for Jennifer Lien's acting. When she was given the chance to shine, she took it.
I have to agree this is the case in episodes like "Warlord".
Now compare "Warlord" to "Infinate Regress".

Lien was so-so. If she put the emotional impact into "Warlord" like Ryan did with "Regress", there would be no doubt that Kes would have been the breakout character without them ever needing Seven.

All Seven was is a restart to the character Kes was meant to be.
Comparing Seven and Kes by referring to Seven as a "restart of what Kes was meant to be" is actually wrong because there is too much difference between the characters and their presumed roles in the stories.

If the writers had given Lien the same opportunities as Ryan was given, then the outcome for the character Kes would have been much different. As it was, Kes was underused but actually did shine when allowed to do so.
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