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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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No, you're right about that. It is one of the principal flaws of the entire trilogy, and I was aware of it even at the outline stage.

Much as I sought more directly active roles for the commanding officers, the story demanded something else from me and from them. I've heard some good suggestions about how the Dax storyline might have been improved, and I wish I'd thought of them.

As for Riker's and Picard's stories, I eventually concluded that part of what the trilogy is "about" is learning to accept that we are sometimes at the mercy of events and forces beyond ourselves. To the extent that it works, I take the credit; to the extent that it fails, I accept the blame.
I think it works pretty well for Picard, though I think making that point more explicit might've helped (Picard prepping the thalaron weapon anyway, attempting to seize the moment, then giving up at the last minute to the uncertain possibilities of the more optimistic Caeliar option), but I don't see how Riker really got a character arc out of it. Aside from that vague bit about his faith in Troi always being richly rewarded, I just didn't feel like there was that much there.

It actually seemed like that happened a lot, that Titan's arcs in general were all wrapping up character arcs from prior Titan adventures, and that the crew wasn't as important to or invested in the rest of the story as the other two crews. I liked most of the character arcs, but they were pretty divorced from the rest of the story.

But like I said, that's one of a very few complaints with the trilogy, and with the characters themselves written so well and the trilogy overall so good, it's certainly forgivable.

Gracias, most appreciated. I hope you'll check out my first original novel, The Calling, when it comes out in July. I just turned in the copy-edited manuscript to my editor today, and I think it has shaped up nicely on many levels.
How Judeo-Christian is the mythology? I'm not at all religious, and at first glance the gimmick seems kinda off-putting; is it very much associated with religious notions, or would you classify it as a more Whedon-like universe that uses the same imagery, but as more of a broad-spectrum fantasy?

Well, it's hardly a fair fight, is it? I mean, three books against one… … but I'm grateful for your generous praise.
Yeah, but it was a really good one...
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