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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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I think Dayton's point was that he's paying $20 to ship an $8 book.

As opposed to, y'know, not paying $28 for an $8 book.
Erm, yes, I and others understood that. I was just pointing out that the cost of shipping to the State of Israel isn't necessarily a matter of hazard pay, but could easily just be the issue of distance.
Erm, yes. Thank you.
I am aware of the fact that it makes no sense what I'm doing but the reasons are this:

1) I tried shipping it through regular international airmail but the problem with that was I never received the items after a month's time and with no way to track it, neither I nor Barnes and Nobles could do anything but...

2) Have it reshipped by UPS which frankly got to me 4 days later.

3) 3 months after receiving the book/s by UPS, I got a slip from the post office saying there was a package waiting for me

4) Sure, I can have them go to my house in NY but then I'll be way behind in Trek books and other things...

5) No danger money involved just customs fees that UPS asks for

6) So, I have researched this and UPS/FED EX is the better way to get stuff here (Or my friends who come here from NY)

7) The mail here, for some reason, is unbelievably slow as molasses.

8) I'm also aware that some of you might be laughing at me or think I'm nuts for doing this....

9) And I think Ian gets his books direct from Australia.

10) Which leads me to ask, why aren't Trek books sold here in Israel?
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