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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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I believe Man of Steel is in Israel so that twenty dollars could be danger money for who ever is delivering it.
Or, you know, distance money...
I think Dayton's point was that he's paying $20 to ship an $8 book.

As opposed to, y'know, not paying $28 for an $8 book.
You may very well have a point William, in my hast in answering said question, I didn't actually think of that technicality, as for it being distance money and not danger money. May I just ask Therin, how much do you get charged to get your books out to Aus super fast? I only ask as New York to Sydney is 9930 miles where as New York to Tel Aviv is 5670 miles, and the reason I went for New York is that's where from my understanding the Trek officies of Pocket Books are based. Plus given the latest goings on in and around Israel, danger money could be a vallied reason!
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