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^I love a good triceps workout. I find building my triceps up to be the most satisfying body part to improve.
It's odd how very few people understand tat - but I do

I've got a 5x5 deal to kick off the year after being decidedly lazy over the holidays. It's something reasonably new so it's keeping the boredom away.

I've been trying to take it easy as my backs in pretty bad shape, but I'll be back training at weekend in wrestling and am considering going back to rugby on Wednesdays as it's right outside my house and would give me a more entertaining cardio workout.

I've got two weeks to really enjoy myself as I might go back into a normal job at the start of next month which would screw up the routine.

What upsets me more though is that I'm actually losing my belly. I was beginning to really enjoy it being there
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