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Re: ALIEN:1st Lifecycle>How many eggs could be made from one Space Joc

Well, actually there was a scene that explained what happened to the Alien that came out of the Jockey: On the way to the Derelict, Dallas and co go by this weird looking hill. Upon closer inspection the hill is really the fossilized Jockey-Alien. They didn't put it in the movie because they thought it would be confusing or it would spoil too much.
News to me. I only recall a scene with a hieroglyph/mural type thing depicting the Alien's life cycle. Which in and of itself would support Ridley's way of thinking.

As for why others didn't come to help the Jockeys: Their ship was a mining vessel/prospector vessel. They were on LV-426 to find potential mining resources and instead found the eggs. Since they weren't a real science expedition none of their race knew what happened.
I repeat:-
"Sure, it doesn't take much imagination to come up with any number of possible theories and rationalisations, but that's all they'll be."

Plus the Derelict and the dead Jockey were millions of years old, their race is long dead by now.
Hardly explains why nobody showed up in the intervening eons, but then it hardly matters and you somewhat missed the point of that statement anyway.
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