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Re: ALIEN:1st Lifecycle>How many eggs could be made from one Space Joc

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Actually, there's no proof the Derelict was transporting the eggs. The writer of Alien even had the whole backstory thought out where they most definately not being transported by the Jockeys. The Jockeys were collecting them from the planet.
Well there's the laser field for one and the fact that this is exactly what Ridley Scott thinks happened. As for the original writer, well rightly or wrongly others got hold of his script before it made it to the screen, so his original intentions are secondary compared to what ended up on screen. Of course it's rather irrelevant since we're not meant to know exactly what happened, it's a mystery!
We don't know if the crash happened because an egg got loose or visa-versa; we don't know what happened to the Xeno that hatched inside the SJ, though it probably went into hibernation and eventually perished, somewhere on the ship (probably a good thing too since if it followed the pattern of using the host as a genetic template then it must have grown to be bloody huge!) We also don't know why others of it's kind didn't come to salvage or destroy the lethal cargo.
Sure, it dosen't take much imagination to come up with any number of possible theories and rationalisations, but that's all they'll be.
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