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Re: ALIEN:1st Lifecycle>How many eggs could be made from one Space Joc

The eggs were being transported...they weren't formed from the Space Jockey aliens. Obviously one attacked the pilot of the derelict, but the ship was obviously transporting the eggs and the chamber Kane entered with the eggs was clearly setup to protect the eggs...hence the blue protective "laser barrier" and mist to keep the eggs safe and alive for their destination. I don't know if there were "thousands" of eggs down there, but there were a ton of them -- and they show them in a matte painting of the chamber...

I always wanted to see an Alien 5 film directed by Ridley Scott that had the SJs in it...and a visit to their homeworld.

I don't think most people really understood who the SJs were and what they were doing...some people I know even thought the SJ was one of the Xenomorphs...
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