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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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OK, I wanted to know more about Destiny Book 3, and began to read the posts, but there were 25 pages of them to go through and you guys lost me when you went off on a fruit tangent...

Go ahead and give me more spoilers...I know the Borg were poised to pretty much obliterate every Federation and allied world at the end of Book 2 (including the Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians?), and though I haven't read Book 1 or 2 yet (still struggling through Before Dishonor then must read Greater Than The Sum), I would still like to know how the Borg were defeated/averted. Talk around the Trek Lit forum indicates the Borg are pretty much taken out of the equation for all time, or so it seems, so something of great importance must have occured. And what is this about Borg hunger? What, did Picard and team give them some yummies to make them go away? Sonja Gomez Captain of the daVinci? Where's Gold? Do the other species of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants blame humanity for the Borg? Why? What went on in this book, or the trilogy, to cause this? Go ahead and tell me what's gone on, because at this rate it will be several months until I get to finish this which time, we'll be talking about all the post-Destiny books!

Or are you guys going to make me go through 25 pages of posts to find out what's what?
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