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Re: What became of Superman?

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^ That hasn't been confirmed about Batman yet. As for Superman's destiny in the Smallville universe yes an early first or second season episode had a meteor freak with the ability to show people's future upon touch. Clark touched and saw a yellow and red cape across a generic space backdrop indicating that he would leave the solar system. As the first poster who mentioned this episode stated the statement she made (I think it was an old woman) said that he would go on to live a long life...and must've been a reference to DC One Million. Also in Legion I think it was Garth who mentioned that Clark who influence entire solar systems across the he'll live a long time.
Actually it wasn't an old woman it was a kid that had just joined the school and latched on to Clark because Clark's was the only death-future he saw that wasn't horrifyingly depressing to him.
I think the old woman future-seer gave Clark a vision of himself in a cemetery, surrounded by the graves of all his family and friends, presumably having outlived them all.
And the sign said, "Long haired freaky people need not apply..."
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