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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

And which Robin/Dick Grayson are we talking about here?

Burt Ward's? Chris O'Donnell's? The Robin from the old Batman theatrical serials? Robin from those 1970's cartoons? Some other comic book &/or cartoon Robin(s)?

My personal choice is Burt Ward's groovy hep cool happening in a far out way Robin as candidate for Spock's 20th Century Grayson direct ancestor.

Most, if not all, of the other Robins are Herberts dudes. Those “Robins” are termites, strictly out of the wood.

Those mudstick “Robins” should call themselves Drip Grayson.

Drip Grayson never had an Aunt Harriett or knew Chief O'Hara.
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