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Re: IRWIN ALLEN: what are YOUR opinion(s) of his sci-fi TV series?

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I wonder if I'm in the minority because I actually liked Land of the Giants better in it's second season - both the redone opening theme music; and the storyline changes where we found that the Giant's world (or at least the area where they landed) was a fascist state; and that they were interested in the 'little people' because of their higher technology, etc.

I also liked the first few episodes of The Time Tunnel; and overall, I still think it's one season was better than ANYTHING Lost In Space did in it's second and third seasons.

And I agree with the assesment that Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was more of a spy/adventure series, until it went into color peoduction, at which point the Seaview looked even more like a plactic toy in a fish tank; and they went to their 'monster of the week' format.

Land of the Giants is the odd man out among Allen's series. Its the only one that got better in its second season.

With regard to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, the first season did have spies, but it was definately science fiction. It was just more believeably done. Amongst the first few episodes a flying saucer crashes in the ocean. They also found a dinosaur filled lost world in Antartica. They still encountered lots of undersea monsters and abuses of science. The first season was just more serious and had a better mix of stories.
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