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Re: For Those Who Saw TWOK in 1982

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I saw WoK in '82 thru a dirty windshield at a drive-in. UGGHHHH..........

Anyway, Shatner's KAAAAAHHHHN!! did not seem humorous at the time.

I think it only became funny and campy after the Seinfeld episode.
I've still got super-8 film footage (roll-ends, when we were just using up the last of the cartridge before putting another one in) from 1984 and 1985 and 1987 that have me acting out the KHAAAN and Klingon bastards speeches, as well as Chris Lloyd's 'get out! get outta there!' as well as, 'get away from her you bitch' from ALIENS. I think that predates SEINFELD by quite a bit.
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