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Re: What became of Superman?

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My question would be that if he is indeed immortal, is it yet another benefit of his exposure to our sun, or is it due to Kryptonian biology. Meaning if and when his existence exceeds the lifespan of a normal Kryptonian, is he then bound to Earth out of the knowledge that the moment he leaves the influence of the sun, his normal aging process will kick in reducing him to dust in the cosmic winds. If that's the case, at some point in the future, some supervillan could sure use that information to their advantage.
Why would it do that? Once he leaves the influence of the sun why wouldn't he just start aging normally? It's not like when he leaves the influence of the sun all of his bones are going the shatter and his discs herniate from all of the battles he's been in and heavy shit he's lifted.
That's true. He could just resume aging normally from that point as opposed to immediately advancing to the age he would be in relation to the years that he has existed. I may be getting superlore mixed up with vampires or mummies or something; It's all very confusing.
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