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Training Heavy: Mon: chest, cardio, abs ; Tues: Off; Wed: Back; Thurs: Cardio and abs. I'm having a few elbow probs. I might not do upper body for a week.

On Thurs I stopped working upper body. I Was planning on doing extra leg work. I have been pretty busy lately so I wound up taking fri thru Sunday off. Today I am off from work for the first time in 2 weeks, so I am getting ready to go twice today. Cardio and abs, and later, legs. I'll be doing legs twice this week. Meanwhile I'll be icing and taking Ibuprofen for my elbow for one more week to be sure. My diet has been almost immaculate. I'm dropping fat, and retaining muscle and (I was) retaining strength.

PS Where's your sig from? Tigersharks can't reach mach 3.

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