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While I liked the story overall (not a fave, but not horrible), the Picard line about the historical precedence of ship's captain's getting to serve as officials at weddings just perpetuates another myth (and the TNG writers who didn't bother to check out the facts further gall me). Ship's captains do not have (and never have, at least as far as can be historically determined) the authority to serve in that role - unless they also happen to be legally appointed as a justice of the peace, or have been duly ordained.

Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope wrote on this some time ago, theorizing that someone dreamt up the idea once so that they could talk some young thing into bed under the pretense that it had been legally sanctified.

I'll concede that in the future, that may change, given the nature of long duration space missions, but citing the history of that right?

Next thing you know, people will be thinking that the thumbs down gesture in gladiatorial fights means "kill the loser."
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