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Re: For Those Who Saw TWOK in 1982

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I reacted just the way I was supposed to, with a sinking feeling of dread. I still don't think it's funny, either, and I think most people who say Shatner's a bad actor* simply say it because everybody else does.

*He's had some bad moments but no where near as many as people like to pretend.
My friends and I watched MERV GRIFFIN's show on TWOK prerelease and one of them about died just when Kirk picked up the radio and said, 'khan you bloodsucker!' (probably cuz it sounded like 'cocksucker' -- predating Ian McShane by decades.)

He's bad because he takes risks, and he's memorable for the same reason. Some take the good with the bad. I do. Plus I've seen THE INTRUDER, the only role where everything he does was actually needed to make the character live (which it did.)
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