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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

[SIZE=2]For clarity, and because I find that I canít post here anymore due to my annoyance level, Iím going to make two last points.

First, as has been pointed out by myself and others already, this is not a sexism thing (at least not for me). If Miranda was a man, Iíd still have this problem with 'him'. If this was Picard doing this, Iíd be annoyed Ė and please, feel free to explore that with either Picard/Crusher or Riker/Troi and see how that goes. In the examples of conversation I gave before, if it was percieved as being only one sided Ė I canít help how you perceived it. I can point out that, yes, please Ė have Miranda say Ďand why the hell didnít you follow me to the Enterpriseí. My point was/is that this conversation is not happening.

Secondly, William, I do understand that was a self-depreciating comment, and for the record, I look forward to reading Losing the Peace even if my issues with Miranda are not dealt with at all. I will say that your comment was made relative to a comment about Ďmaybe the authors have a planí and my point was that Iím not assuming there is a plan, and that in fact since there are actually authors posting on these boards perhaps theyíre looking for this kind of feedback and want to understand why a reader feels they way they do, and what they might be able to do differently to change that readerís perception. Perhaps this has all been dealt with in your novel and it will be a moot point. Perhaps it hasnít and some future author will gain some small kernel of insight from here.

With that said, I am done. David Mack, Iím sorry that this topic was completely derailed and that my message that I thought Gods of Night was awesome was lost in here. I look forward to reading book 2.
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