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Re: For Those Who Saw TWOK in 1982

I saw TWOK on a Saturday night in June of 82. Could very well have been STII's 2nd night in theatrical release(?)

The things that stood out to me seeing TWOK in the theater were {in no particular order}:

*The 1701's warp effects.

*Reliant's shape vs Enterprise's design.

*The Genesis Cave.

*The Ceti Eel Implantation Scene in Khan's “trailer park home”.

For those who saw ALIEN this scene was probably nothing.

*Khan's Hand: At the end Khan's gruesomely mangled hand up on the movie screen really stuck to me.

*Spock's casket on the surface of Genesis, all the trees & sunshine.

*Spock dying in the warp chamber & there was something about the glass or transparent wall insulating the warp chamber that caught my attention/interest.

*Spock saying TATV at the end & the shot{s} of the universe while he was saying TATV.

*I can't recall any laughter by the audience at anything.

I was very young then, in elementary school.

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