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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hi all. I'm not new to TrekBBS. I was part of it but then "dropped out" when it changed hands/revamped (gee that was quite sometime ago). I wandered back to see what Trek fans are saying about Enterprise because I decided to buy it last Christmas. I bought S1 on a tryout and then bought the rest.

I grew up on TOS and followed most of the spinoffs, bar DS9 <- mainly because I felt another space station was more intriguing and full of mysteries. And even now, I still have not watched DS9 except for a few eps, especially an ep dealing with Tribbles.

Enterprise was one I did not follow mainly because it didn't sit too well with me back then because it was prequel and there were some negative vibes about it on how it'll sync with TOS. But I decided to give it a chance and although I can see where the faults are, it's not as bad as I feared it would be. I like the Enterprise crew. They're an interesting lot, most notably those that have the most screentime. Archer, Trip, T'Pol, Phlox and ... Porthos. :P

Archer - I deemed him an idiot in S1 for his reckless, boyish, enthusiastic way of exploring strange new worlds. He's ft to be tied. But he eventually became ... respectable.

Trip - I deemed him a "son" of McCoy and Kirk. Passionate about certain things/ppl, idealistic and the ladies' man. He just couldn't keep his hands off. Of course, as an engineer, he has every excuse to check things over.

T'Pol - I deemed her the magnet ... for she charmed the socks off the guys mentioned above, despite their inclination to shove her out the airlock when she came onboard. Although her age was around 64 or so when she went onboard, I deemed her as a very young woman if I were to slice up Vulcan years in proportion to human years in maturity. In any case, it's the first time she associated/socialised with humans up close and personal. I'm not too overly surprised that she would have emotional problems and control.

Phlox - Dispenser of medicines and humour. I can't imagine what Dr McCoy would say if he ever saw the menagerie of his colleague. I don't know what McCoy would suggest to Kirk if he ever came down depressed and insomniac. Most likey "Here, have some Romulan ale". Unlikely to be "Go to Spock's quarters and let him work you over with ABC Pressure Points." I do believe Dr Phlox has to go back to school on Insomniac remedies.

Malcolm : Very reliable officer, stiff upper lip, wouldn't say boo to a ghost. Harbours a crush for T'Pol. That almost pretty much describes the rest of the crew onboard. Except that everyone knows his fav food is pineapples. Fruity he is not.

Hoshi : Screams like a girl when she saw hanging bodies ...wait a min, she is a girl. Very capable UT. Telepathic too, possibly. Interesting if true. That'd explain why she has such affinity with alien languages.

Mayweather : I just know he's the helmsman. He doesn't sword dance like Sulu. Just a young man who likes to helm starships, shuttles and slow on the take.

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