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Re: Jan. Challenge--Exits in the Haze (PG-13)

Well, at first I wanted to complain that I thought this was a bit long. But then I realized that I can hardly make such a point as my own entry is going to come in at the same length.

You did after all pack a lot into this story in your continuing effort to upending established Trek lore. As I mentioned once before, your alternate take of what-if it had been the other way around, is quite fascinating.

Even though at times I thought that your Bajorans might make an even more cruel occupier than the Cardassians ever were. I think I'd be safe to say that Tora is a lot more scary than Dukat ever was.

You pile up plenty of sympathy for your Dukat in this story and quite frankly after this I really hope your next story will focus on Dukat kicking some serious Bajoran ass. (Never thought I'd say that)

As for your style, it is long-winded, sure, but it works quite well to get down to the soul of your protagonist.

Well done.
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