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Re: Orci And Abrams On Fan Reaction

trekkerguy wrote: View Post
I think any of those cameos would be one step short of hilarious and completely
out of place in the film.

I'm glad they aren't draggin a bunch of baggage *cough*Shatner*cough*
into this film. Leave the story to the actors and characters that belong in it.

I wouldn't necessarily go as far as saying one step short of hilarious TG, but I do agree with you that those characters don't really belong in this story and would serve to clutter the details a bit (confusing all those non-Trek fans that J.J. is catering to).

To be honest, I'm still having a wee bit of a problem with the reference to 'Admiral Archer's prized beagle' in the context that Archer would still be alive at the time the line is uttered by the character in question. The beagle could be a clone, I don't really give a flying frak about that, but even with the tampering to the timelines, events that occur PRIOR to the temporal intervention should remain static. ENT established (by way of data in the Defiant's history banks) that Archer died of old age in 2245.

So unless we're talking about a grandson who made admiral...

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