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Re: For Those Who Saw TWOK in 1982

Interesting replies! However, I'm pleased to learn that the majority of you witnessed silence and that your respective audiences were largely engaged in the movie. I was eleven when the movie came out, and was oblivious to anything but the TV spots beforehand. I wasn't a regular reader of Starlog or anything and so everything I saw was without any prior knowledge of what would happen.

As for those who laughed, joked, etc. I just chalk that up to teenagers always finding ways to "impress" their friends and always appear cool and unaffected by anything emotional. I've always hated teenagers.

I'm glad that the early eighties wasn't like the last fifteen years or so, with all of this era's self conscious, ironic, post-modern cynicism. It seems like everyone's looking to "deconstruct", put down, or otherwise dump on something. If you're not spouting off like one of those middle-aged teenagers on VH-1's I Love the Eighties, then you're not "hip." It's so tiresome. I like Kirk's screaming of Khan's name because it's over-the-top and powerful, not because it's supposed to be kitschy or campy.

And I'm off to watch that TWOK trailer...
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