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Re: Jan. art challenge - Starship Discovery

I too had a ship and class called Discovery (my uncle and I designed it after the shoddy pylons from the Star Trek VI kit for the NCC-1701-A fell off). It sounds like you chose almost exactly the same era for your ship of the same name. Not surprisingly it shares some design elements with mine. Perhaps I'll post a thread of my own class of the same name (I was a little disappointed to learn that Star Trek: Legacy used the name for the ENT-era Conestoga ships).

I decided the name "Discovery" didn't really apply anymore because it looked utilitarian, like it was made around the time of the Excelsior, or perhaps around the time just after the Khitomer Accords (I made these modifications after I tried to replicate the battle damage from the Battle of Khitomer), but from spare parts, designed for a quick production cycles as a way to supplement other forces. I kept the name because I figured the Corps of Engineers would appreciate the irony of such a name going to a class that was merely a repurposing of older parts.

As far as your ship, it's an impressive job, not just because it's so from scratch. I think I might have consolidated the shuttlebays into one and made the color scheme lighter, but otherwise it's a pretty cool design that looks like something from the early movie era.
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