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Re: There must be a second Earth...

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"All Along the Watchtower" is a very well known song. We *know* Bob Dylan wrote it. It's obvious. If, in BSG, Anders wrote it, then Anders must logically be Bob Dylan. I can't see any way around that.
I don't know what to say to that but WTF. Ron Moore said that in nuBSGverse Ander's wrote that song. Just because he claims to have written the song that is the exact same as one Bob Dylan wrote it doesn't make him Bob Dylan. If we used that reasoning Disney songs wouldn't make any sense. Ex: So we know that Elton John wrote the 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight.' Yet, OMG, a muskrat and a warthog sang the song, on the whim, in the Lion King universe! Ergo, Elton John is a muskrat.

And btw we have heard Anders sing, he ain't no Bob Dylan.

And to all those making the argument it must be our Earth because it is named Earth... YAY for tautology!!!
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