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Re: There must be a second Earth...

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Ron Moore says specifically that it is intended that Anders wrote the song.) The fact they used watchtower doesn't mean that meant that Dylan wrote it.
"All Along the Watchtower" is a very well known song. We *know* Bob Dylan wrote it. It's obvious. If, in BSG, Anders wrote it, then Anders must logically be Bob Dylan. I can't see any way around that.
I can.

Ron Moore specifically detailed the reasoning behind using "All Along The Watchtower" in the podcast for that episode. It is very possible that Anders played the song (they never said he *wrote* it specifically) but it is also entirely possible he could have written the song as well and *still* NOT be Bob Dylan or that world's "version" of Bob Dylan.

Other than having a (IMHO, completely unbelievable) coincidence that in the BSG 'verse, somebody *else* just happened to write a song absolutely identical to it.
I was going to save this for you to discover on your own but you probably won't ever bother to listen to any of the podcasts (you should), but that is EXACTLY why it was included. The idea was that in all the ways in which these two civilizations (Caprican and our own) were similar and different, someone somewhere sometime on Caprica wrote a song called "All Along The Watchtower" and it was exactly the same as the one Bob Dylan wrote.

Is it "completely unbelievable" ? Perhaps, but since you don't watch the show, since you don't even *like* the show, I'm not surprised you take this dismissive attitude. This was one of those textural things I mentioned earlier to you that you were "probably" (and now, definitely) missing because you refuse to watch the series.

Oh well.

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the idea was not that Bob Dylan necessarily exists in the characters' universe, but that an artist on one of the colonies may have recorded a song with the exact same melody and lyrics.
That's the funniest thing I've heard all week.

Keep laughing at yourself. Or, grow the hell up and watch the show before you prance around these threads thinking you know everything, or at the very least dismissing what the rest of us who actually, you know WATCH THE SHOW know to be true.


Here's the link to the transcript.

Here are the pertinent parts:

RDM: Sure. And we have the backstories worked out. We know why it's these four. And we know how there backstories actually do work very well with what we've laid out in the show. Which we made sure before we committed to going in this direction.
"All Along the Watchtower"-
Terry: Sleeper Cylons.
RDM: I was essentially looking for an excuse to put "All Along the Watchtower" on the show for a long time. I ha- When I was working at Roswell, I had an entire episode I was gonna do around "All Along the Watchtower."
Terry: You're getting a lot of flak for that.
RDM: Eh. That's OK. Whatever. This how the process works.
Terry: Mhmm.
RDM: You're always- you have ideas that you think about and mull over a different context over course of time until you find the right time to do it and the right way to apply it.
Terry: Yeah.
RDM: And this is one of those cases. I was gonna put the song in the show, like, way back in the first season. There was an idea that Helo and Sharon back on Cylon-occupied Caprica were gonna come into like a bar or a cafe or something and the jukeb- they'd get the jukebox working one night and they were in some romantic setting and they would turn the jukebox on and "All Along the Watchtower" would start playing, and the idea is they would both- they both would recognize the song, casually. And that the audience would go, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. How can they recognize that song? It's not the Jimi Hendrix version. It would still be a cover of it, but how could that be?" And the idea was, and it still is, that there are connections between their world and our world. Between the story of people on Galactica and our contemporary reality.
Terry: Don't go too far.
RDM: And there are connections that transcend all these things. And so that the idea that there is a song that is recognized in the Galactica universe that we recognize as well, is not an accident. And that there is an explanation for all of that.
RDM: There was a point where the network wanted it to- they said, "Why don't we just use the Jimi Hendrix version? And let's pay- we'll pay for it and do it." And I said, "No, no, no, no. That's not the idea. The idea is not that the literal song can be used." I didn't under- there was no real connectio- there's no real logic to how you could actually hear the Jimi Hendrix version, which is the most famous version event though it's a Bob Dylan song, how that you could actually hear that version in the Galactica universe. But the idea was that the lyrics of a song, and the song itself, could tran- could be passed from culture to culture, or have found its way through the mists of time from one place to another, I could buy that.
Pretty funny stuff alright.
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