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Re: For Those Who Saw TWOK in 1982

The audience laughed in San Jose opening night (I always maintain it is his expression that generates the laugh, not the 'war cry'.)

When I saw it two nights later, there were a bunch of people who were laughing uncontrollably during Spock's funeral. That's the only time I saw that happen, though I can understand thinking the bagpipes an odd choice (these people were laughing BEFORE the bagpipes, though. I was not among them.)

We all laughed when Kirk falls on his ass in SFS on opening day. I still think that is as failed a moment as any in a TOS flick, that they completely mis-staged it.

I think the biggest accidental laughs in TOSflicks are Shatner's '0h migod' in TMP's transporter fritz-out and "ohmigawwd' in TWOK (when they find Chekov in the hamper-fridge.)
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