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Re: UFP prison series? Yes? No? Maybe? Not sure?

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Wow, congrats. An original idea. Don't think I've heard this one before.

Not very Trek-like - because no Fed prison could be hard-core enough to be interesting - but as a concept, sci-fi Oz or Prison Break...not too bad.

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For all the alien-on-alien shower scenes of course.
That was my first thought, I have to admit - taking the highly-imaginative vicious insanity of Oz and placing it in a sci fi context would result in a quantum increase of the imagination quotient. Might be hard to stomach, or just flat-out confusing to hew-mons, but it would be...different.

I agree that it doesn't sound very Star Trek-like for a Federation prison series. But what if it was a Dominion prisoner of war camp run by the Jem-Hadar like "In Inferno's Light"? Might be an interesting fan fiction series there about POWs/MIAs who were forgotten on a penal asteroid because they are presumed dead. Federation, Romulan, and Klingon prisoners. Could call the penal asteroid "The Rock". Could call the series Star Trek: Lockdown or Star Trek: Jem'Hadar Big House or Star Trek: Dominion Camp 13.

Though I don't think I would have Chuck Norris of Sylvester Stallone type-rescues ala Braddock or Rambo. Or Steve McQueen-like hoverbike jumps.
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