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Re: House a flop in the UK?

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I don't watch House (my mom loves it, I've never bothered with it) but I guarantee I'd be sitting in front of the TV machine if Rowan Atkinson were scheduled in a guest role.
I have this dream of an off-concept House episode. There's an international conference of diagnosticians in the UK, and House goes to London. He doesn't want to, he tells Cuddy that it's beneath him, but he finally bucks up and goes.

And he runs into a group of snobbish British diagnosticians, portrayed by Atkinson, Emma Thompson, Tony Robinson, Miranda Richardson, and possibly even Stephen Fry. (Though, honestly, I'd love to see Stephen Fry at a POTW.) And, naturally, House doesn't get along with these other doctors at all.

I don't know what the plot is. I haven't gotten that far yet. I just know the stunt casting.
Got it. It doesn't need a plot. Why?

Because it would be the greatest Comic Relief Special ever made. BBC, give a Fox a call NOW. Cost is no concern because it not just entertain, it will help the poor. Win-win-win.
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