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Re: There must be a second Earth...

That's certianly a possability. Though I'm still not convinced that there must be a second Earth with the 13th tribe anxiously waiting to receive newcomers. If anyone is interested, this is my personal take on things...

-13 tribes arise on Kobol. Things go well untill cylons are created.

-Rather than the cylons themselves rebelling, I think there might have been war amongst the tribes themselves. On one side, you have the people who feared that cylons would 'replace' humanity and should be destroyed. On the other you have the side that wishes to coexist with them, believing that they would be a compliment to their existence, rather than a replacement.

-Coming to the realization that such different attitudes wouldn't be able to co-exist on one planet, they decide to go their seperate ways, leaving Kobol. The 12, who were the puritans so to speak, head for the colonies. The 13th head for Earth.

-Over time the 13th fully integrate with the cylons and become a society that's just as much cylon as they are human (hence why all the skeletal remains seem to be 'cylon') I'm almost thinking that Earth had a society akin to "Ghost in the Shell."

-On Earth, some serious sh*t hits the fan. All of humanity there is completely wiped out. I'm unconvinced that it was another cylon rebellion because, well, where are the cylons? From the looks of things, they decided to nuke themselves along with the skinjobs which doesn't make much sense. Possibly some faction from the twelve decided they weren't satisfied with everyone just going their seperate ways and decided that the existence of the 13th will pose a threat to the twelve in the future. Rather than heading off to the colonies with everyone else, they chose to go looking for Earth and eventually destroy it.

-Because of their merger with the cylons, even "Humans" have the ability to download. But with nowhere to download to, perhaps many tried to transmit themselves towards where they thought the 12 lived, hoping that by the time their souls get there, something could receive them.

-Meanwhile, the 12, forgetting their violent apprehension towards AI from thousands of years ago, re-create cylons. The 12 keep their cylons in a state of oppression until they finally rebel.

-After many years of being transmitted through space, five and only five members of the 13th tribe make it, winding up as incarnations of models 7 and 9 through 12. They wind up shaking up the establishment when they decide not to fall in line with the other models. Remembering their old lives as well as their natures, and not wishing to be 'just machines,' they leave. This causes the cylons more than a little bewilderment and rather than contemplate how their fellow cylons could find their lot so unsavory, they choose to forget.

-Sometime along the line, the five establish themselves on the colonies as members of humanity as it is more reminiscent of their home than a baseship. Still hurting from the destruction of their real home and also in the interest of not raising too much suspicion that they were different, the five choose to surpress their memories until such a time when, subconciously, they needed to be 'themselves' again.

-Finally, we get to the point where the colonies have been obliterated and things in general are just a mess. Once again a "purist" vs. "integration" conflict breaks out only it's with the colonial Cylons instead of the humans. The Five wake up possibly because they felt their time has come. Afterall, a united cylon/human system is pretty much their cup of tea.

-In the end we have the "purist" cylons, and the cylon/colonial union. This time however, I don't think Cavil will be satisfied with just going their seperate ways. A showdown will ensue, but I think Cavil's forces will wind up being the loser. In keeping with the "All of this has happened before..." stuff, it will be the ones who choose the path of integration that will live on while the path of intolerance leads to repeating history and ultimately destruction.

-An alternative to this ending is that the rogue group of the 12 that I had conjectured about come into play and potentially they and Cavil's group annihilate eachother while the united cylons/colonials slink away- finally free of predators and the threat that one day, some ghost from the past will return to haunt them.
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