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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

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I can kind of see where Kirr is coming from. The issue is somewhat of a moral issue and one of personal character. Miranda's decision to abandon her family to pursue her career speaks little as to her moral character. It says that she is willing to have babies but not take up the appropriate responsibility in regards to them. She could have resigned her commission but she puts career above family and that is what I think Kirr was saying.
That's ridiculous. She didn't "abandon" her family. She communicates with them over subspace every chance she gets. She visits home every chance she gets. She took quite a few months off duty for maternity leave -- including not only the pregnancy itself, but time thereafter to bond with her new babies. She and her husband mutually agreed that they were okay with this arrangement, and they both work as hard as they can to make it work for themselves and for their kids. That's anything but abandonment.

I don't see the comparison to the military as valid either because military are not deployed for years.
As Bill pointed out, that is categorically untrue.

I personally cannot understand any mother who would do such a thing to their child. It seems cruel and unusual to both the husband left behind and the children he now has to raise alone.
Once again: this was Vicenzo's idea as much as hers. Miranda loves her kids and would happily have them and her husband aboard the Enterprise with her, but Vicenzo refuses to leave his university work. Why isn't he just as much to blame for this separation? Why are you pinning it all on Miranda when it was a mutual decision?

She might as well not even be married to him. With all the statistics there are that show children being raised in single parent households contribute to more crimes than any other demographic I cannot see how a Star Trek author can in all good conscience support such a position and say it's OK.
Oh, that is ridiculous. For your information, I lived in a single-parent household from the age of seven onward, and I've never committed any infraction more serious than jaywalking. Statistics can be twisted to support any line of bull, and you're twisting this one way past the breaking point. The argument you're making here is ludicrous -- especially when applied to the 24th-century Federation where crime is virtually nonexistent.

If there is any correlation between single parenting and crime, it's that the children of single parents are often neglected because society forces those parents to work extra-hard to support their family, leaving them no time for their children. With no need for money in the 24th century, Vicenzo can spend plenty of time with his children. You're also forgetting that this isn't a "single-parent household." Miranda talks to her kids over subspace on a daily basis. She's involved with their lives very actively, even if she's not physically there. These kids are not starved for attention, and they're not going to grow up to be juvenile delinquents in a society that has a crime rate bordering on zero.
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