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Re: Bit roles before they were "famous"

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Connor Trinneer:

Spring 2001: Small role as a sports writer in 61*. He had auditioned for the role of Mickey Mantle and then lobbied Billy Crystal for any role just to be in the movie -- he loves baseball.
Can't find a good screen capture of it, but Connor also had a guest starring role in Sliders season four's "Prophets and Loss" back in 1998. However, Trineer's role coincided with Barry Pepper's role as Roger Maris in 61*; and Pepper was a hippie in 1995's Sliders season one episode "Summer of Love":

Pepper has went on to have many great roles since 1995; he's been in everything from "Saving Private Ryan" to "We Were Soldiers" to even the current Will Smith movie "Seven Pounds".

And before she had her big break in 2003's Terminator 3, Kristanna Loken appeared in the 1998 Sliders season four finale, "Revelations":

Then there's Jeffrey Dean Morgan who appeared in the 1996 Sliders season two episode, "El Sid":

Morgan has gained prominence in recent years as the dad on Supernatural; dead Denny on Grey's Anatomy and the upcoming turn as The Comedian in the Watchmen film adaptation.

Other Sliders notables are Will Sasso; he had a recurring part as the hotel manager in 1995's Sliders season one before landing on Mad Tv in 1997. And before he was the ship engineer on Andromeda in 2000, Gordon Michael Woolvet was the young judge in the 1996 season two finale "The Young and the Relentless". There's also Una Damon who was the Kromagg slave girl in 1996's "Invasion" during Sliders season two; Una has had several prominent cameos in films like The Truman Show, Deep Impact, Gattaca and most notably the first Raimi Spider-man film (she was the tour guide in the sequence where Peter was bitten by the spider).

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