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Meghan King Johnson will play Doctor Valerie Young in Polaris.

Meghan is best known to the film and online community for her portrayal of Janice Rand in Star Trek: Phase II since 2003. Other credits include co-hosting The Brice Kennedy Show starring in a music video for Brother Short, working as a production assistant for Real Interrogations (Investigation Discovery), and a cameo in Starship Farragut’s “Just Passing Through.”

Meghan has extensive experience on the live stage, anchored by theater studies at the University of Minnesota and the Guthrie Theater.

Meghan's talents extend to singing and song writing as well. You can listen to and download some of her music on Facebook, or at

Regarding Polaris, Meghan says, “I’m so thrilled to be working on this project. It’s such a great team of people who are putting it together – many of whom I have worked with in the past in one form or another. Based on their previous work, I’m confident that the episode will be a quality one, and am hoping that it leads to more – not just for my own sake, but for the sake of proliferating engaging, quality story-telling through the use of digital media.

“The people I have met working in the online science fiction world have proven to be some of the most innovative, creative, caring people I have ever met – Polaris is no exception."

In addition to Polaris and Phase II Meghan is currently voicing the part of T-Pol for an animated German short based on Star Trek: Enterprise.

About the character

In Polaris's era, the deck of a starship is the last place you'd expect to find a citizen of Earth. As Earth's interstellar empire has disintegrated and many of her settlement worlds have formed the nascent United Worlds, most of "Old Blue's" dwindling population has turned its back to the universe beyond the Solar System.

This makes Valerie Young an eccentric from a world of eccentrics, and a puzzle to most of her crew mates. Having abandoned hereditary political power and social privilege for the life of an explorer and scientist, she now oversees Polaris's civilian science staff. She's served aboard the ship longer than anyone save Fredericks himself and, allowing for required military courtesy, they regard one another as equals and as friends.
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