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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

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^^You're certainly entitled to approach your family in your own way, but it's kind of excessive to assume that any family that's divided is somehow that way because one or both of its parents are deadbeats. What about military families? What about people who get married and have kids and then go off to serve in distant countries to make sure their spouses and kids remain safe? Are they bad parents in your eyes?
You're kidding me right. Christopher, I'd really like you to find where I'm accusing any parent of being a 'deadbeat'. I will say that this military argument can go one of two ways - first is, yes, the person who chooses to be in the military does make that choice - and I wouldn't do it if I had young children personally, but there ya go. I'm not really certain how I feel about other people who choose that - but ultimately, my feelings about that are really not at all relevant to a discussion about a Starfleet officer who HAS a choice (unlike someone in the military) to bring their family along, or choose a different posting. She's got LOTS of alternate choices, and to make it seem otherwise is a disservice. And since you seem to hold no problem asking about how I choose to approach my family, I suppose I can ask if you even have kids, something I would think might give some more insight into how difficult it might be to leave them behind.

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And even if her husband had agreed to follow Kadohata aboard ENT, one could argue that having young children on a ship in times of war (and the Borg invasion(s) count as such) is questionable at best, even if the ships themselves may be designed for this... and you can't always evacuate them before an attack. I know I'd be exceedingly distracted if any children of mine were in our quarters (or whereever on the ship) and I couldn't be with them... I think even more so than if they weren't around on the ship at all.

Also, I didn't get the impression that the Ent-E was a family-ship like the D was, it's much smaller after all... Would it even have been possible for her family to stay on Enterprise, or would have Kadohata had to transfer to another ship in order to have her family with her?
See, this argument doesn't really work for me when the Captain and his wife and future child will all be remaining with the Enterprise I'm sure. And no one is 'safe' anywhere - it's all relative. Yes, staying home is safer than being on a starship. But what if the base where her family live is attacked while she's away, relatively safer in her starship with it's defenses against the Borg.

Ultimately, I feel I've completely derailed this topic, which was not my intention. I gave my reasons for not liking Miranda, I already knew the reasons the authors feel she's made the 'right' choice, as it's clear from the portrayal, and the answers have only reinforced that. I think there were other choices here, and so I find I've got a problem with her. Doesn't stop me from reading, or enjoying, the stories you've presented.

And as I said at the beginning, I loved Destiny book 1 and look forward to talking about book 2.
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