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Re: Bit roles before they were "famous"

In retrospect, no one made a big deal about Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Arnold in Jurassic Park. Of course, this was before he was Sam Muthafuckin' Jackson! courtesy of such films as Pulp Fiction & Snakes on a Plane.

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The dream scientist in A Nightmare on Elm Street was played by Charlie Fleischer, who would become far more notable years later as the voice of Roger Rabbit.
He was also in BTTF II. He was the kid at the dance who said "Did you just take his wallet?...I think he took that guy's wallet." (after Marty knocks out Biff)
You sure? I don't think so. Although, I believe Fleischer did appear in BTTF2 as Biff's mechanic friend, Terry.

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Donna Douglas (The Beverly Hillbillies) in The Twilight Zone classic episode "Eye of the Beholder."
TZ had a lot of those:

Robert Redford, "Nothing in the Dark"
Dennis Hopper, "He's Alive"
William Shatner, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"
And before that he starred in an earlier Twilight Zone episode called "Nick of Time" in which he's a young newlywed who believes that a cheap diner fortune telling machine actually tells the future.
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