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Data's Day

Plot Summary: Data records a letter to cyberneticist Bruce Maddox describing a typical day. The android had been looking forward to the wedding of his friends Keiko Ishikawa and Miles O'Brien, but the bride calls off the wedding, saying marriage won't make her happy. Data's android logic cannot fathom the emotions of the couple, particularly when LaForge tells him that the wedding will probably take place anyway. Data asks for Worf's help selecting a gift and recruits Dr. Crusher - a onetime tap champion - to teach him to dance. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is escorting Vulcan ambassador T'Pel to the Neutral Zone to negotiate a volatile treaty with the Romulans. The ambassador asks Data to share information about the ship's tactics and defensive information, but withdraws the request when he says he must inform the captain of her inquiry, claiming she only wished to test his security protocols. T'Pel orders the Enterprise to rendezvous with a Romulan warbird, but during an attempt to transport her over, the signal fails and T'Pel is presumed dead. Because Data has been studying Sherlock Holmes, he approaches the investigation as a detective and helps Crusher determine that T'Pel's DNA left on the transporter pad was replicated. Picard challenges the Romulans, believing they have kidnapped T'Pel and tried to trick the Federation into believing she died in an accident, but T'Pel appears to reveal an even larger ruse: she is in fact a Romulan spy, Subcommander Selok, and the "accident" was a ploy to get her home. Data apologizes to Keiko for trying to persuade her to go ahead with the wedding, but she assures him that he was right, she does want to marry O'Brien, and she wants Data to walk her down the aisle. As Picard performs the ceremony, Data realizes that although much of human behavior mystifies him, he understands the desire to be loved.

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